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Best Kept Secrets for Flourishing Natural Hair

Natural hair has grown past being a trend, it has become a conscious lifestyle. Embracing natural hair has meant acknowledging the importance of being confident in your true hair texture and prioritizing health with the use of less harmful chemicals.

However, for many persons the question is how do I care for it? How do I get it to grow? How do I prevent breakage? Is big-chop the only way to go natural?

Here we will discuss all the answers tj those questions at length and give all the tips to growing healthy natural hair.

1.Big-Chop- Though big hop might be the quickest way to go natural it’s not the only way. Transitioning is also another way to natural and still obtain healthy hair strands. Protective styles prove to be quite instrumental when transitioning as it helps to protect against breakage and encourage growth without manipulation through daily styling.

2. Hair Growth: Achieving and retaining length happens by sticking to a hai regimen. Salon experts understand that styling is just as important as hair care. Hair growth is achieved by using mostly a sulphate free shampoo, hydrating conditioner, leave-in treatment, moisturizer and sealing oil ( coconut, jojoba, olive oil) are staples of the natural hair care journey. The consistent use of these hair products motivates

hair growth and starves hair breakage.

Deep conditioning your hair at least once per month is also an important step in your hair care journey. These keeps your hair moisturized and healthy, giving it the ability to thrive.

Protective styling as earlier mentioned is truly critical for hair growth as it gives your hair strands the ability to rest and prevent thinning and dull hair appearance. Braids, weaves or wigs are great protective hairstyles to consider.

3. Satin Bonnets: Did you know that most breakages happen throughout the night while you sleep. This is so because the friction of hair interacting with cotton pillowcases proves to cause split ends and dry hair. Satin bonnets locks moisture into your hair strands making hair growth and retention a reality.

4. Limited heat usage. Heat usage should be avoided or very minimal. If the decision is to use heat, a heat protectant should be used at all times. This minimizes how much heat interacts with the hair and aids in preventing extensive hair breakage.

5. Hair Trims. Natural hair should be trimmed at least every three months. Hair is able to retain and grow without the baggage of split ends. Hair trims prevent hair cuts which is often more removal of hair.

Final Thoughts

Natural hair care isn’t complicated but it requires consistency to receive the results you have always desired.

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